Freeze time with family photography

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Holding onto the Memories 


The years go fast but the days go slow! ❤

Have you heard that before?


Tomorrow will be different

Tomorrow is not guaranteed.

Don't take each life for granted

Oh there are so many sayings and I bet there are more.

The other day I was cleaning out my desk and I found cards.

Cards that said Happy Birthday Dad and Happy Father's Day.

Now I am bad with sending out cards. I buy them with all good intentions and well then they sit on my desk.

Now Stay with me..........

❤So I find these cards. My dad passed away 3 years ago. I bought them with the intentions of being the good daughter and sending them out. Yup I did not. So here they sit. Not sure what to do with them.

❤But You are probably reading this saying what the heck is she talking about what does this have to do with Photography ?

❤Everything! Yup it has everything to do with photography. Because as a photographer my job is to capture the memories. Help you visit back to a day when your kids were little. When your grandparents, your parents, your aunts and uncles were all still here. The Good memories the ones that put a smile on your face. The ones that maybe make you smell a familiar smell- cookies, sauce, perfume ect. That is what a picture does. It is worth a 1000 words and for most it brings back feelings of the days gone by.

You still with me? Good!👍

We have a habit of getting to busy. Saying I will do it tomorrow. I will schedule our pictures next year we missed this year. We go to fast we don't slow down to capture the memories.

The thing is tomorrow will be different. Next year your kids are older. Next year someone you love might not be with you.

So...............TAKE THE PICTURES📸.

Preserve the memories now and every year!

Don't be the cards....... Don't be a missed opportunity.


Danielle is the owner of Danielle Marie Photography located in Jefferson Township NJ also known as Oak Ridge NJ. She is an award winning and published photographer of Newborn, Dance, Family, Sports, Maternity, 



family photographer, Northern Nj photographer, Morris county PhotographerFamily-Photographer-Outdoors-SessionI love this picture of this beautiful family that we were able to capture on their family property.



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Haeleigh and Jake | Danielle Marie Photography Engagement Session

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Haeleigh and Jake \ Danielle Marie Photography Engagement 



Let’s just start out saying Congratulations! This couple was amazing.  
So sweet and happy and just oozing with love! 
The Sunset was perfect the lake in the background AMAZING! They had the best Summer 
vibe for their session! This setting was picture perfect for them! 
We could have done without the Lantern flies. However, they did not stop us have having a great session! 
And when asked to bring the sexy they nailed it! At the end Jake said it is for her and 
it makes her happy! Ladies grab yourself a man that cares about you! 



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Don't Miss out on Santa!

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Don’t Miss out on Santa

Christmas is the most magical time of year! It is one of my favorites! The magic, the warmth, the glow, the excitement, the sound of little voices excited to see what Santa brought them this year! So many things make this season magical. So, let’s capture that magic with a session with Santa. Each session is a private interaction with Santa and your family. Santa is not just for the kids you can all join in. Decorate a tree with Santa, sit and have your kids talk to him, read a story. Make your session your memories.

The Sessions will take place at St. Paul's Abby Christmas Tree Farm in Newton NJ, on October 10th from 10am-3pm. 
Sessions are limited. Each session is 20 minutes long and they START at $150 a session. 


Also, by singing up for a session with Santa you are helping Santa and Mrs. Clause adopt one of their own little bundles of joy! I am so happy to be able to help them in their journey and would be honored if you joined me!

Santa is doing a toy collection for the Tomorrows Children Fund located in Hackensack University Hospital.  They are collecting unwrapped new toys and adopt a family for Christmas. If you bring a new unwrapped toy to donate, I will give you 2 additional digitals with any package you pick. Let's help Santa brighten not just your child's day but Christmas day for other families! 





Candy Cane Store Front

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New In 2021

Candy Cane Store Front Fine art Sessions 




I am so Excited to bring these sessions to you! These sessions are going to be soooo much fun this year! Can you smell the peppermint already? One thing the yells Christmas is Candy Canes. I am in love with the new back drop for this year and all the white and red and snow we can have! These might surpass The Christmas Eve set up as my favorite sessions. HMMM!! I don't know I really love the Christmas Eve ones lol. But these will fight for the top spot. So go ahead and follow the link so you can book your spot. Pictures coming soon!! 

These sessions will take place on October 3rd from 10-3pm and are 20 minutes long. 




Christmas Eve Fine Art

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Christmas Eve Fine Art Sessions 


I am so excited to bring back one of my favorite Sessions! The Christmas Eve Themed sessions are one of my favorite sessions!!  The last time I did these sessions they were so much fun and the outcome was amazing. When you allow a child to play during pictures they have natural smiles they have fun and that makes for great pictures and memories! Think hot cocoa and cookies while decorating the tree. Reading a Christmas story under the tree lights, looking out the window to see if you can see Santa and falling asleep under the tree. So grab your kids Christmas Pj's  or Christmas best and book your session. These are sure to add to the magic of the season! Please follow the link to grab your spot! 


Sessions take place on September 19th from 10-3pm and are 20 minute sessions. Prices start at $150 




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